Tics Got No Toc

Posted: January 19, 2010 in iHayez on the Go

Let me start out by saying I am a die-hard Knicks fan, but because of the decline I have cheered on other teams & players.  Ok, I admitted it!

Usually by this time of the season, I have picked my favorite team to make it to the NBA finals and I am cheering for the east to win it all.  This year has been up and down which makes it hard to pick a team that has dominated. Those that do are usually my pick as favorite to win it all. At the end of the day it’s all about match ups. This team beats this team but can’t beat that team. The Boston Celtics have been my favorite team since the acquisition of Garnette, Ray Allen & the improvement of Rondo.  But since KG’s injury last year & this year they have been struggling alot. For me it’s very disappointing watching them play.

The Orlando Magic is a team I want to like, but they lack a killers’ mentality. It seems they believe they are a good team cause they shoot & make threes. Hello! You have Dwight Howard that’s why you are able to get those open looks. The offense should always start with Howard but they get lost in  shooting jump shots (smh).  Howard should be the first option in their offense & make more of an effort to demand the ball. I love Vince Carter, but his addition is only good on paper.  Orlando Magic are not my favorite, but like I said, before it’s all about match ups.

iHayez on the Go


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