Knicks: Humpin’ Around

Posted: January 28, 2010 in iHayez on the Go

As the NBA season comes closer to the mid way point, the Knicks have been playing consistently well. As a team that is fighting for the last and final playoff spot. The players have fully bought into D’Antoni’s coaching system and for the first time in years the Knicks find themselves in the playoff hunt. This is good not only for this year, but for next year where they hope to acquire one of next year’s big free agent players. As of now the Knicks, are doing well, but lack the depth and firepower to put them over the hump.

The Knicks’ starting five is a mixture of offensive talent and hard nose defensive players. David Lee, a free agent next year, is averaging 19 ppg and 10.9 rpg his energy and consistency is unmatched. Lee is definitely a keeper, and will be a nice complement to a Lebron-, Wade-, or Bosh-like player.


Wilson Chandler is exactly what he should be—a great 2 or 3 guard. Chandler’s ability to score in big bunches and take it to the hole and finish makes him a valuable asset to the squad. While I’d like to see him average more than his 15 ppg and 5.6 rpg, there’s no denying that he is looking good for next year and he is another keeper.

Danillo Galinari is an excellent scorer and his game is developing very well. This summer should prove well for him as he improves on his game and become more consistent. His 14.1 ppg and 5.0 rpg is a good look for the team especially when he is hitting 3s. Galinari will help spread the floor and open lanes for a Lebron-type player who gets into the paint and pulls in the defense.


Chris Duhon is questionable to me, although I feel he can run the team no matter who we acquire next year, his inability to be a consistent jump shooter is what concerns me. Chris is a solid point guard, but I feel he needs to have more of a killer instinct and the ability to hit big shots in key moments.

Jared Jeffery, how can I say this as indelicately as possible — he’s a hot mess offensively! His role is to be the clean up guy, but I feel he lacks that Charles Oakley style of play that is sorely missed.  My one most important question on Jeffery is this: is he even working toward developing an offensive game?! I can’t tell from here. But relax Jared, this is not a dump on you blog.  He is a keeper, just not a starter.

Over all I hope the Knicks continue their good play and if that happens then free agent players will be more inclined to join the team next season.

iHayez on the Go


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