They Shootin’ … (Ha, Made You Look!)

Posted: February 2, 2010 in iHayez on the Go

I know there are more than just sport athletes who carry guns and get caught, but this is Ball’nOut.  Instead of talking about how dumb Plaxico Buress and Gilbert Arenas are for getting caught with guns, I prefer to write a list of guidelines for anyone who carries and owns a gun.

1.        The only ones who carry guns to the work place are police officers or criminals.  (Thanks  Kenny “The Jet” Smith for that one.)

2.       If you are walking around with a gun in your waist please put the safety on.  You don’t want to shoot yourself, how smart is that?

3.       Make sure your gun is licensed.  For a person with no criminal history who owns a gun, this should be common sense.

4.       If you own a gun for protection don’t play gangsta and brag about holding a gun.  This is like talking to a girl about how good your sex game is (and you only last two minutes).

5.       Value your life, guns are not a game.

iHayez on the Go


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