All-Stars…All Good

Posted: February 16, 2010 in iHayez on the Go

I have to say that All-Star weekend is one of my favorite times of year during the NBA season.  With the trade deadline so close and the excitement, it’s a great time to be a fan.   The icing on the cake for me was the fact that David Lee being a part of the All-Star game for the first time.  This was also the first time the Knicks had someone there since Allen Houston (not my favorite Knick of all-time).  Nate Robinson winning the slam dunk contest was great but overall the contest was lack luster, and Paul Pierce winning the three point contest was great.  The main event game on Sunday was amazing, watching it from my 42-inch flat screen TV made me feel like I was there.  Great job for the NBA to have this event inside the Dallas Cowboy Stadium (did I say something nice about the Dallas Cowboys? boooo….).  The energy from the players was great and the over one-hundred thousand plus crowd was bananas!

Now that the All-Star weekend is over teams are making a run for the playoffs and NBA finals through trades.  The Dallas Mavericks acquisition of Deshawn Stevenson, Brendan Haywood, and Caron Butler is a very smart move that gives them a bigger starting lineup and strengthens their bench.  However this does not mean they will beat the Lakers who are the favorite to win the West.   The Knicks are looking to add a big time talent name with the pursuit of Tracy McGrady.  As a Knicks’s fan I am so excited, not just because of Tracey but because they are being proactive with rebuilding this team to being a contender.  As long as the addition of McGrady does not hinder the Knicks’ overall pursuit of players such as Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Joe Johnson, and others (I don’t think LeBron is leaving Cleveland).  Side note: my prediction is the Knicks will acquire Chris Bosh once this season is over and from there that will attract another player to sign as a Knick, let’s see what will happen.  Cleveland is making a big push to Keep LeBron James by actively trying to recruit Amare Stoudemier.  At the end of the day I see Cleveland going to the NBA finals and winning it all, and this will be the reason LeBron James re-signs with the Cavs.

iHayez on the Go!


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