(Big) Apple Rolls out the tMac

Posted: February 18, 2010 in iHayez on the Go

O-M-G! My prayers have been answered!  Tracy McGrady is on his way to New York and has officially made us (the Knicks) a team to watch this season and next.  What more can I say? I am and have been a Donnie Walsh supporter since he started working with the Knicks’ organization.  Many hated the move of Walsh hiring couch Mike D’antoni, not me, I loved it!  Above all things, this trade shows that Walsh has a great insight for talent and opportunity and he has not disappointed.  With Jared Jefferies and others traded, this could possible (fingers crossed) make the Knicks the number one team under the salary cap. Keen basketball aficionados might have already considered that this could possibly give the Knicks an opportunity to acquire not one but TWO big-time, marquee players.

My hope is that the Knicks go after Chris Bosh and Lebron, or Wade, or Joe Johnson.  In either case, this is making other NBA free agents look at the New York Knicks as a heavy contender for a finals run.  What more can I say? It’s a good time to be a Knick Fan!

iHayez on the Go!


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