D Lee(gue) goes 3D

Posted: April 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

What a game, what a game! It feels like it was just yesterday when my bro-in-law and I were at the Celtic -Knicks game early in the season. It was a good game but we lost, this time around we won and looked good doing it. Overall, this is another year that we didn’t make the playoffs, and our hopes and dreams for a title are gone.  But wait, there is a bright spot with our cap space free for next year the future is looking up. Who knows what Donnie Walsh will do with this opportunity but I do hope we keep David Lee and build around him.

If you asked me at the start of the 09-10 season about letting David Lee go after this season to get some allstar players I would have been in agreement. But now David Lee has proven to be a big impact player by himself and with help. Lee’s recent 30+ points 20+ rebounds & 10+ assists is the first triple double of its kind since Kareem Abdul Jabar did it in 1976.  Lee knows how to share the ball and still get his numbers, there aren’t many players that know how to do that.  There is so much more upside to Lee’s game that we have yet to see & that is the number one reason to offer him that big contract!  I am so happy for the players that have been a part of this team and played their hearts out, I really hope to see some of you back.

iHayez on the Go

  1. Billy says:

    I’m all in agreement with you. We just need lebron, and this team changes drastically. Sign melo or Paul in 2011, after curry is gone. And this team is sick. Now that lee is playing his position I hope his defence starts improving, cause going against centers was a hard task, but he did it. The guy has heart.

  2. Newtonium says:

    I really hope we can keep D-Lee. The Knicks never hold on to their home-grown talent.

  3. IHayez says:

    Woow I cant believe ppl are really talking about Melo/Chris Paul in 2011. I mean anything is possible but I would think you would want to see what will happen this coming season. You dream big Bill and I like it!

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