Not to pat myself on the back too early, but, the playoffs have started and the match-ups are playing out just as I thought.  (See my East and West predictions below)

Without question, we’ve witnessed Cleveland’s dominating Chicago. The Bulls are having a hard time running with the Cavaliers.  The Boston and Miami match-up is looking like the same result for both teams during the playoffs last year with Miami having an early exit in the first round and Boston advancing to the next. This could present an interesting off season for Miami. Let’s all stay tuned.

In the Dirty Dirty, Atlanta is hunting for deer and the Milwaukee Bucks are running for dear life! With the Hawks feasting on the Bucks, it looks like Atlanta could sweep this series. Phoenix and Portland are going back and forth, but the Suns evened the series with a 29-point blowout, and I’m not talking afro puffs.   It seems the Suns have found their swagger and are looking to take care of business.

The Utah/Denver series will be a tough loss for either team.  Both teams are very talented but only one can win, so as this series is tied, we may be looking at this going all seven games.  Los Angeles Lakers have taken a 2-0 lead in the series against the young Oklahoma Thunder. This is a no-brainer, the Lakers will finish this team and move on to da next series.  It’s all about how many games it will take.

iHayez on the Go!


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