Stick a fork in’em they’re done.  The Dallas Mavericks are down 3-1 in the best of seven series to the San Antonio Spurs.  With one more win from the Spurs this series is over and I already think it is.  I picked the Mavs to beat the Spurs but now it seems that I am eating my words.  I’m not surprised by this turn of events but I thought Dirk and the boys had a bigger set of balls than that.  The Dallas Mavericks have choked over and over again and this series is looking like that ground-hog day movie.  Rick Carla got out coached and the Dallas players got out played.

With the Orlando Magic taking care of business and making the Charlotte Bobcats disappear they are one step closer to the Eastern Conference Finals.  Damn Jordan, your team played hard, true, but, they couldn’t win one game?!  The Bobcats played hard during the season but ran into a brick wall and I’m not talking about Dwight Howard.  Jemeer Nelson is killin’ it!  He’s playing with a chip on his shoulder and seems unstoppable.  Next to Cleveland I think the Orlando Magic have a real legit chance of reaching the finals. The winner of the Milwaukee Bucks/Atlanta Hawks series will face the Magic.  I’m sure Atlanta will move on and win this series against Milwaukee but will lose to Orlando in the next round.

iHayez on the Go


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