1st round knock outs

Posted: May 3, 2010 in iHayez on the Go
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Lakers move on.  Thunder are officially planning their fishing trip. This just proves that experience goes a longer way than youthfulness. Ron Artest’s defense on Kevin Durant forced Durant into a horrible shooting night.  It was a great night for basketball as one game six ended the other one in Utah began.  The Jazz and the Denver Nuggets were just getting started.  At the start of the 4th quarter it was a close game, however, the Jazz were able to open the gap wider than a gynecologist going to work.  (Too much?) Moving on.  So, the next round match up should prove to be something special. The Jazz have proven they have mastered the art of defending home court and winning on the road, but, let’s be for real for a nanosecond, we are talking about the Dreamkillers aka the Lakers.  Advantage goes to the coaching and the ability of the starting five, plus who’ll show up off of the bench.

The Spurs play the Suns in the semi-conference and this will be an interesting test for Phoenix as they look to prove they can play defense and get past the Spurs. The Spurs will chase the Suns off of the three point line which will leave Phoenix’s offense in shambles. How the Suns make adjustments will determine how long this series will go.

With the Hawks winning game six and forcing a game seven this has proven to be a tough one for both teams. The Hawks weren’t going out with a fight and they were swinging. With the depleted Milwaukee Bucks at home they couldn’t make the Hawks fear the dear enough. Brandon Jennings looked predictable going left and Salmons couldn’t hit the bottom of the net. It looks as though fatigue is finally setting in. Scott Skiel is a very good coach no matter how this ends but he has had some bad breaks down the stretch, literally.

Game 1 of the Boston Cleveland game was a tail of two halfs. The Celtics came out the gate playing their signature defense as the Cavaliers looked to be in a daze. The second half was a big one for the Cavaliers. Mo Williams did what he did all season which was taking it to the defense and being more aggressive. Mo is the key for the Cavaliers to reaching the NBA finals and after last year’s horrible performance in the playoffs he is looking to redeem himself. This is a big statement for Williams and the Cavaliers as they defended home court advantage. The Celitcs will come back next game and look to play 48 minutes of champion Celtic defense. This might go all seven games.


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