Step ya game up son!

Posted: May 10, 2010 in iHayez on the Go, Uncategorized

Boston/Cleveland Series

Home court advantage means nothing in the Boston/Cavaliers series. Both teams are proving that this rivalry is on and poppin’ with neither team backing down. Just to refresh your memory, I said this is the year that the Cavaliers will make it to the NBA finals once again (as a Knicks fan I hope I am wrong).  Boston has been awakened, while Cleveland is trying to send big brother home to watch them move on to the next round. Rondo is putting so much pressure on the Cavaliers and is a walking triple double threat every time he steps on the court. I think the scariest part to consider is that once Rondo develops a consistent jumpshot, this kid will be a nightmare on Elm Street for sleep walking defenders. In either case, this series is going all seven games and at this point it’s a tossup.

Atlanta/Orlando Series

Dust your shoulders off cause it’s looking like a sweep. With Orlando treating the Hawks like the gimp in Pulp Fiction it is a wrap one way or another. Here is an interesting fact, the Hawks have not won a semi-conference game since 1997 and if this was a game of Pacman, then Joe Johnson has to be a ghost, because he is nowhere to be found. During the first round of the playoffs, he averaged 20.9 points and during the second he has only averaged 12.3. Wassup with that? Many fans are mad that he is not producing at an allstar level, but in his defense, the offensive sets that the Hawks are running are limited. I have to laugh a little because next year Joe Johnson is one of the many top free agents and his play in the second round playoffs are making many people have doubts about his capability of being an offensive threat like a Wade, Bosh or James. On the other hand, like I’ve been saying, the Magic are making me a believer, but I have to see what they will do in the next round before I jump on the swagger wagon.

Los Angeles/Utah Series

Do we really need to get into the Utah/LA series? Yes? Well, then okay here we go. Utah has no big men taller than 6’10 and they’re giving up too many second chance points. The Lakers are killing them but somehow are only able to win by single digits. This is why I say the West will not be winning the NBA final this year. Kobe, in my mind, is the MVP of the league as much as I hate to say it and he is proving it. Dear LA Lakers please complete this series with a sweep because watching these games have been like watching a three-legged dog fighting against a dog with all four legs. What up Mike Vick?  I still think you got a raw deal!

Phoenix/San Antonio Series

Who said that the San Antonio Spurs has the Phoenix Suns’ number? Not me. The Suns have been playing like a team possessed simply by putting an old fashion whooping on the Spurs. For every great play the Spurs make the Suns make two more spectacular plays. As a Knicks fan, I am still hurting from the 2001 loss to the Spurs and since then I have always held that grudge. With that said, Go Suns! And, I am loving it. Putting my hate aside, the Suns actually have a great team and they are coming together at the right time. Jarred Dudely who? You better ask somebody. This kid is energy and passion and he’s beating the entire Spurs team, and I can’t believe I am saying that. Gordan Dragic and his break out game 3 stellar performance took all the air out of the Spurs’ building. Congratulations to the Suns for not only taking out my arch nemesis the Spurs, but you swept them as well. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

iHayez on the Go


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