Cavs Fans: Losing a King!

Posted: May 14, 2010 in iHayez on the Go

As a Knicks fan, I cannot help being filled with joy as I watched the Celtics send the Cavaliers fishing in a series ending game 6.  Boston played with a sense of urgency from the start of the tip, and at the end of the game they held their hat on the defensive end of the floor and clearly came to win. 

Lebron played with better intensity then he did in game 5 and overall so did the rest of his team they just were not the better than the Celtics.   It’s really hard to say why the Cavaliers lost maybe Mike Brown got out-coached, again, or the role players sucked overall, or Lebron’s elbow (aka LeBow) really is hurting him.   Whatever the reason this leave much consternation in the hearts and minds of Cleveland fans this coming next season.

The number one question now is where will Lebron sign next season?  Even the Celtic crowd at TD Garden taunted the king with chants of New York Knick.  Lebron not getting a ring this year means this year’s free agency class has gotten bigger!  (That is, unless the Cavs ante up some serious incentives to keep the King happy i.e. pick the next coach.  Sorry Mike, he’s a king, some heads will have to roll.)  With Nowitski, Bosh, J Johnson, Wade, and Boozer entering into free agency and now we have Lebron James as well.  I feel like a kid in the candy store.  More Swedish fish, please.

Knicks fans everywhere, including me, are dying to have a super star to resurrect this franchise, and now we have our chance.  You’re starting to see Knicks fan everywhere salivating with thoughts of grandeur of have a 23 of their very own to resurrect this franchise.  Think I’m kidding, Scores New York has offered LeBron free lap dances for life if he signs with the Knicks.  Now, that’s what’s up! If I were LeBron, first, I wouldn’t be bustin’ my ass with this blog every week.   But, I digress.  But, if I were LeBron, I would really consider the Knicks as a viable option.  Think about it, we have a deadly sharp shooter in Gallinari and the last ten games of the 2009-10 season he averaged 22 points.  David Lee (if we resign Lee) is a power forward the King hasn’t had since Boozer went to Utah, and we’re just a trade away to upgrade at the point guard position.  I know wishful thinking right? But the option is there and anything can/will happen.  Donnie Walsh is committed to building a winning franchise more so than the Cavaliers, and more so then any other team with deep pockets. 

Cavalier fans are trying everything they can to keep Lebron, but to me, this relationship seemed way too Hollywood from the start, marriages like that never last.  Shout out to Jennifer Anniston.  It was a good run while it lasted, but it’s time to move on and get with the New York Knickerbockers aka Angelina Jolie.


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