Basketball: A Family Affair

Posted: May 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

I love talking sports with all my friends and family and many of them are true fans of the games and I respect that no matter the team.  One person in particular is my mother in-law (Hi Momma Cunningham!), this lady loves talking basketball!  Especially about her college team Louisville and NBA team the Lakers. She is an old school Lakers fan that could give you bandwagon fans a lesson in Lakers history.  Since the days of Magic Johnson this lady has cheered for her team all the way in Lexington, Kentucky, and she knows the sport of basketball like the back of her hand.  So when it comes to us talking about the NBA we go all out.

As a Knicks fan, I lose most of the arguments because it’s all about championships and compared to the many rings the Lakers have won, let’s just say the Knicks are coming up a little short.  I guess in a some way I am always happy when the Lakers are not the NBA champions, there I said it I’m a hater!  Since  the Lakers look more than likely to be in the NBA finals once again, the Celtics are looking so much better so I’m not worried.   Without a doubt this Boston Celtics team could be better than the 2008 championship team.  The difference is Rondo and the improvement in the bench.  Glenn Davis, Toney Allen, and Rasheed Wallace, have given this team a spark with defense as well as offense, and Rondo has made opponents think twice before leaving him to help double team Garnett, Pierce, and Ray Allen.

Even though I have said the Lakers are the team to beat all season because of their championship last year, the Lakers have never really solved the problem of a healthy Celtics team.  What I’m saying is the Lakers could have déjà vu.  Doc Rivers in my mind is a future hall a famer as a coach, and this is a science that Phil Jackson hasn’t even solved, but maybe it’s the hate in me.  Whatever you call it, facts are facts and when the Celtics and Lakers met in the 2008 finals, I knew the Lakers would lose and this year seems no different.  So out of respect and love for the game I say good luck Momma and may the best team win, if and when the Celtics win its in yo face! (in my David Chappelle  voice)


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