Window Shopping

Posted: May 27, 2010 in Uncategorized


With the Knicks having a $67M plus salary cap room for this upcoming season it’s hard to say what they will do. So, allow me to pull out my magical front office crystal ball. The first thing I do is yell, “The future is now!” (for dramatic effect). Then I take a page out of the Boston Celtics book and begin the hard work of building a championship team. It’s worth mentioning that the returning players under the Knicks’ contract are Eddy Curry (last year player option with 11 million), Danilo Galinarie, Wilson Chandler and Tony Douglas. Bill Walker and J R Gidon are on a team option while Sergio Rodriquez is in the last year of his contract with a qualifying option. 

We hope that Eddy Curry opts out of his contract leaving the Knicks with an extra $11M, but that will probably not happen. Why you say? Well, despite what others have said, I still think the Knicks can sign two allstar players and keep David Lee next season. Since the Knicks are notorious for paying players’ mega bucks and getting nada in return. Let’s run it down, Tracey McGrady does not warrant $23M dollars a year from what I saw this past season, and Cuttino Mobely at $9M is crazy because he hasn’t played one game for us, and David Lee deserves to be at a higher pay grade than Al Harrington, sorry Al. By the way, who is Brian Cardinal? And why are we paying him $6M? This is the type ish I’m talking about. If we add up these figures and round it off we can definitely spread the wealth to make room for three premiere players including David Lee. I would definitely not ask for Chris Duhon and his $6M dollars to return, instead, let’s consider building a point guard for the future and beef up with veteran leadership. 

At the end of the 2009-10 season, there is a new beginning. This season has almost played out just as Knick fans have hoped with this year’s free agent class sitting home watching the finals and waiting for the day they sign their new contracts. No one can say for sure where these players will sign and the wait is driving many of my fellow Knicks fans insane. The Knicks’ Facebook page has been bombarded with fans giving their ideas of which players to sign, in hopes that James Dolan and Mike Dantoni are listening. To be honest, as much as I love my fellow Knicks fans, I wouldn’t trust them to coach or draft for the local parks and recreation league. That’s why I’m here. No disrespect though. 

The opportunity to sign a major player is within reach, but trading may be a little more difficult having only three players remaining under contract. The best thing for us to do is sign 3 mega-stars paying two of them around $19M each to start and resign David Lee at $10M plus then sign two up-and-comers with moldable talent for $5M. Don’t think this is possible? Just check out the Boston Celtics and how they spread their $87M bank role around. And once Eddy Curry’s contract is over the Knicks will have room to offer more dollars to its future all stars. Check out this website which runs down NBA teams and each of their players’ salary; 

I read…you should too! Check it out now!


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