The future is now

Posted: June 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

As July 1st draws closer and closer, the anticipation of this years class of free agencies is causing analysts to speculate more, and teams to prepare themselves as future prospects. Courting these players will take a lot more than just a hope and a prayer, it’s going to take money, and the right negotiation and combination of players as well as luck. In addition to that we also have the 2010 draft that is sure to prove to be something to look forward to as I’m sure there will be a lot of trading going down. My Knicks haven’t had a decent draft pick for a while with the exception of David Lee. This year’s pick will have to be a combination of a few things for the Knicks to have a chance at acquiring any free agents. Developing players is always good thing for any team but having a player with the talent to come in and be an instant impact is a huge bonus. A decent point guard and a center that commands respect in the paint should be high on the list of demands with the Knicks, however the best player available is always the best option. With the Timberwolves guaranteeing Ricky Rubio to play in the NBA this year and Washington having the overall first pick of the draft there could be a slew of point guards available for the Knicks to pick from. Let’s face it, in order for players to want to play in New York the Knicks will have to bring ready to play talent and surround them with veteran leadership. The rookie work outs have been really exciting and there have been a few prospects that have caught my eye. For point guards I really like Greivis Vasquez and Jordan Crawford, both can run the point and score the ball which is something the Knicks need badly. Jordan is more of a scorer than Vasquez but I like Vasquez’s higher assist numbers. I’m so done with undersized power forwards, and I hope that the Knicks realize that an athletic center who can defend and rebound is needed. Jeff Foote from Cornell is a good look and I think he will make a great addition to our team. There is a lot of upside to this kid and with the Knicks luck he will get taken by another team before we have an opportunity to draft. Smart moves and a lot of luck is what we will need this year and although I want to have hope, historically we have not made the best decisions. So I’m crossing my fingers and praying that God is a Knicks fan this off season cause we need His support.


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