Things to come for the Knicks

Posted: June 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

With the 38th and 39th pick of the second round the Knicks select Andy Rautins and Landry Fields. Knowing my fellow Knicks fans these players weren’t the greatest pick and fans serenaded them both with booos and disapprovals. This is almost like throwing meat into a cage with a beast that hasn’t eaten in days. The past 10 years the Knicks’ draft picks have been less than productive for one reason or another with only a few exceptions. On the positive side the best part about these picks is the Knicks didn’t pick up an undersize power forward and are looking to acquire Milwaukie Bucks 44th second round draft pick Jerome Jordan, a 7 foot center from Tulsa . Ah just what the doctor ordered. As I said months earlier before the draft the Knicks need a two guard that can shoot the three and maybe play the point who is not undersized and that’s exactly what they did. I can’t be mad at that in addition to the fact that these are young talent players that will not add strain on the Knicks salary. Andy Rautins seems to be a decent pick being 6-6 in height and shooting 43 percent from the field, and Landry Fields at 6-7 has an even better shooting percentage at 46 percent, both picks seem to have tremendous upside but only time will tell if their game will transcend to the NBA level. I will be really interested to see how these picks perform in the summer league, for me this is always the best part of preseason after the draft. If you think about it, the Knicks are in need of a two guard with the size of Wilson Chandler who can shoot the three ball just as well or even better and if these picks can potentially do that then the Knicks could be in good shape.
With July 1st just days away, the 2010 draft was just a prequel of things to come, and the chances of the Knicks landing a premier free agent, namely Lebron James, is not looking good. With many other NBA teams freeing up salary space in hopes to acquire such a talented player it’s like the 2010 draft happening all over again. So in case of emergency the Knicks will probably resign David Lee as a barging piece to fine tune their rebuilding plans they have promised Knicks fans. Maybe the Knicks can dress Eddy Curry up as David Lee and trade him; yeah I know, you’re right maybe not, oh well. Only time will tell what will happen, as of now starting July 1st Lebron James and his advisors will be meeting with six teams including the Knicks as he considers who he will play for next season. Dewayne Wade and Chris Bosh will also meet with the Knicks as they decide their future. The best chance the Knicks have of landing any free agent is to start with a premier point guard such as guards like Chris Paul, Tony Parker, and Gilbert Arenas. Surrounding these top premiere players with outside shooters is the best chance the Knicks have now if only the basketball gods will shine on us. So as the world turns this soap opera is a never ending story until these players have made their final decision and sign their contracts.


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