Tic Toc

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

With only hours away from free agency signing it is driving fans crazy wondering who will sign that big contract with their team? For my Knicks our history of acquiring decent players to restore our franchise has not been good. I’m looking all over the internet for articles to give me an idea on what I can expect at 12:01am July 1st, so far there are so many mixed messages and even the professionals can’t guarantee what will happen. At this point all we can do is hope, pray, and wait. As I glance at the Knicks facebook page it is filled with fans pleading to the Knicks association to sign Lebron and Keep David Lee, as far as the plan B it is clear that we do not want Joe Johnson part of that, but the Walsh will probably sign him if we can’t get James or Wade. With Joe Johnson’s exist from Phoenix and performance in Atlanta it does not make fans feel confident that he can lead a team or even take over multiple games at will when needed. I totally agree with this concern and hope the Knicks’ plan B is much better than that. In order to bring a Lebron like player to the Knicks we will definitely need someone to play off the ball like a Rip Hamilton or Ray Allen. For now I am wondering what David Lee will do. Will he look to make the max with another team or will the Knicks make him an offer for less and guarantee him more money in the future after Eddy Curry is gone. Whatever happens I am looking at the clock in anticipation for the frenzy to beginning.


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