As Lebron James’ decision sets in, I can only wonder what the New York Knicks’ plan B is. Talks have been that David Lee would be signed by the Knicks and then dealt in a sign and trade. Speculations are they will sign and trade with Golden State Warriors for Anthony Randolph, Ronny Turiaf and Kelenna Azubuike.

I hope these are bench players and not part of the starting five. Many fans would love to see Carmelo Anthony turn down the Denver Nuggets offer to sign a three year extension. The hope is that Carmelo decides to explore being a free agent and possibly come play for the Knicks along with Amar’e. Adding a point guard like Tony Parker, or Chris Paul wouldn’t be bad as an upgrade as well.

No matter what, the East has just improved tremendously and all roads point to Miami in order to win a championship. The Boston Celtics have given this new age of how to win a championship by putting together a big three, and the Heat have doubled up by adding Wade, James, and Bosh to the Miami Heat. So it makes me wonder overall what other players will do in order to win a championship.

Great players are historically known to have teams built around them, as it seems now the error of one great player with a team built around him is gone. Thank you Kobe Bryant for showing us what a real MVP looks like.


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