In Donnie, I Trust

Posted: August 4, 2010 in iHayez on the Go
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With the NBA season starting in about three months, the question on the mind of many Knicks fans is: what’s next?  Overall, Knicks fans are at a point where they are tired of not making the playoffs and not winning championships.  Ever since 1999, the Knicks have not been a respected team.  James Dolan has been responsible for many of the bad decisions that have plagued the Knicks for more than ten years.  (I guess the same can be said about his decision concerning the NY Rangers.)  With the unfortunate luck of having a leader in James Dolan, one thing is clear, he is no George Steinbrenner.  With the continued success the Yankees have had you would think Mr. Dolan would take a page out of Steinbrenner’s book.

I realize that the MLB and NBA salary rules are different, but there is a thing called pride and a winning mentality.  Hmmm, where to start: the Allan Houston,  6 year 100 million dollar contract, trading Patrick Ewing, hiring Isaiah Thomas, and countless other horrible decisions, the last ten years have been grown into a ginormous snowball–going downhill–fast!  The most shocking thing to me is that Isaiah Thomas is still a part of the Knicks organization.  After his last appearance with the Knicks, I would think the waterboy would have more clearance (and respect), but I guess if Don Imus can get a second chance so can Thomas.

In full disclosure, Allan Houston is not high on my list of favorite Knicks.  When we talk about the greatest all time players in Knicks history Houston is a name that does not come to mind.   His last 5 year was filled with injuries; lack of on court play and then retirement and those 5 years was the start of the last ten horrible seasons.  I guess the curse that Patrick Ewing put on the Knicks organization hit harder than we thought.

My greatest hope is that James Dolan is tired of looking like an incompetent leader.  Having hired Donnie Walsh (a great decision in my opinion) as President of Basketball Operation of the Knicks, the Knicks are finally looking like a team to watch and Dolan is looking at least smarter than a fifth grader.  Since acquiring Walsh, the Knicks have had a clear cut plan that has included getting rid of bad salary contracts while putting a competitive Knicks team on the court.  Sounds easy right? This has been much harder to do and watch as a Knicks fan.

Donnie Walsh has a very good basketball management IQ and getting this dysfunctional house in order has not been easy.  From Walsh attending Fordham Preparatory school in the Bronx, to playing college basketball at UNC and turning the Indiana Pacers franchise into a success, it’s clear that he knows what it takes to be a winner. For the last three years, Walsh has positioned the Knicks for the summer of 2010’s free agency class in hopes of landing a big fish.  While Lebron James waited for his spotlight moment to announce his “decision” the Knicks wasted no time to offer a six year deal to Amari Stoudermire and thus the start of the Knicks’ rebuilding phase.

While many would see the Knicks ability to sign only one max player as a failure I believe Walsh did an amazing job with the cards that were dealt.   Overall, I would give Donnie Walsh a “B” for his work so far.   Walsh has been methodical and smart with his decisions and in the long run I am certain it will pay off.  Trading David Lee to the Golden State Warriors for three one year contracts in the form of Kelenna Azubuike, Anthony Randolph, and Ronny Turiaf is a move that gives us young coachable talent with expiring contracts for the future.  I should also mention that the acquisition of Raymond Felton as the starting point guard was an added toughness that we needed.  Only time will reveal how the the Knicks will shape up in the next six years, but with Walsh at the helm, I feel like the Knicks are in good hands.

  1. The Oil Man says:

    I want to believe but until next season when we can get a Tony Parker, Melo, or CP3 will stay on the fence. I have taken out my Sprewell jersey so that’s a start.

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