We Back!

Posted: November 7, 2010 in iHayez on the Go, Uncategorized

I know what you’re thinking: five games in and this is the first blog? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got a long season ahead.  First things first though: Shout-outs go to UNC! Raymond Felton is killing it! Big ups to Tony Douglas, Wilson Chandler, and Gallinari.  STAT, Turiaf, and Mozgov are all throwing block parties, EVERYONES INVITED! 

Five games into the season and the Knicks look like a cohesive unit with a high scoring offense.  The entire Knicks’ team has bought into D’antoni’s style and they are giving New York Knicks’ fan a reason to cheer.  Many would say that the season is too young to start getting excited and a 3-2 record doesn’t  mean much,  but if you’re seeing what I am seeing you are recognizing a Knick team more committed than they have been in years. 

Who would have ever thunk that the trades and acquisitions that Donnie and Mike conjured up in the off season would translate to a focused team at the beginning of the season.  The intensity is different on both ends of the floor it seems like 8.4 BPG equals fast break points and a high scoring offense.  I am most impressed with the team’s energy and effort, thank you Mr. Walsh for giving me Christmas early this year.   As long as we stay committed to playing defense and have a smooth running offense then we will be a problem for many teams.


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