5 in a row

Posted: November 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

What a different a year makes? And an 8-8 start sixteen games into the season isn’t bad. This Mike Dantoni system is giving this young Knicks team an opportunity to shine. It’s been five years since we went five in a row. Some argue but I don’t care who we beat I’ll take the wins in a row any way we get it and worry about who we beat later in the season. Right now we are second in the Atlantic division and overall seventh in the eastern conference; if we can keep this pace then we will make it to the playoffs this year for sure. Team chemistry is what the Knicks have been lacking but with the way they have been playing the last five games the Knicks are Breaking Bad and cooking up wins. I’m most impressed that the Knicks are playing exactly how Mike Dantoni wants them to. There is no hesitation with their style of play, the shots are in rhythm, the offense is upbeat with a fast tempo, and we are looking good. There are many things for us to improve on from rebounding to points allowed per game but with the strides we made this year we look better than last year by a long shot. As long as we stay injury free this season will be promising. The Knicks seems to be gelling faster than pervious Knicks team, and with team captains Felton and Stoudemire the leadership of this team is in good hands. Felton and Stoudemire lead the team in almost every statistical category and that is why are doing so well. Simply put this Knicks team has more heart, better execution offensively, and a better team overall. The next five games will be a great test for the Knicks as they look to play Atlanta followed by Detroit, New Jersey, New Orleans, and Toronto. I look for the Knicks to win 3 of the next five games while a perfect 5-0 would be so much better.


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