Carmelo Watch

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Even as the struggles continue for the Knicks having slumped into a six-game losing streak, (including losing the last game to OKC with a last shot buzzer beater) there’s still hope even after that heartbreak. Melo!

I’m totally speculating, but the recent struggles and lack of intensity could be contributed to trade talks. With world wind of talk swirling around the Knicks, Nuggets, Carmelo (oh, my) it is possible that the team’s focus is interruped with all the hubbub. But, again that’s all speculation on my part.

The best thing that could happen is that this soap opera ends soon, especially if I’m right. No one likes confusion and for a team that needs to stop a losing streak post-haste it behooves the front office all to get the their attention back on the court with a focus on winning.

The silver lining for all this trade talk is that the Nets have officially withdrawn from pursuing Carmelo Anthony from Denver. This leaves the Knicks as the front-runner in acquiring the superstar. So while the Knicks struggle and D’Antoni runs out of rabbits to pull out of his coaching hat, Donnie Walsh might make a trade soon to save this season and ensure the Knicks a playoff berth which keeps them sixth place or better in the East.

If reports are as accurate as it seems the Knicks are looking to trade Anthony Randolph for a first round draft pick, something the Denver Nuggets are looking for as part of a trade deal.

Knicks fans will probably love this move as it would leave a bulk of the Knicks rosters in place while also strengthening the bench. With Carmelo as a Knicks this gives D’Antoni more options when coaching and extending rest opportunity to players during key stretches of the game is so important.

This trade opportunity is a no-brainer and taking advantage of the situation is a must. Although this move would elevate the Knicks’ dominance in the East, its hard to believe this would be the last major change we will see from the Knicks. The league is filled with disgruntle players and/or players with expiring contracts, and with the new trend of players wanting to come together to win championships, the opportunities for the Knicks to improve are plentiful.


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