The Knicks Struggles

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Since the start of the season, the Knicks have always had three problems that stick out like sore thumbs: rebounding, scoring droughts, and defense. While the addition of Melo would cure one of these ailments (scoring) it will be imperative that D’Antoni address the other two if the Knicks will continue to build on the momentum established this season. Here’s my take:

Rebounding – With the Knicks making their living off of fast break opportunities, this leaves the defense vulnerable to offensive rebounding and second chance points by the opposition. And, I mean really, really vulnerable (FIND STATS to SUPPORT)

Scoring droughts – It seems that teams have learned when playing the Knicks double team Stoudemire, contain Raymond Felton, and run all shooters off the three point line. That’s what I would do…because it’s working! Once Stoudemire is out the game, the offense struggles, bad shots follow, and turnovers and bad defense rear their ugly head.

Defense – Let’s be honest Knicks’ defense hasn’t been the same since the days of Patrick Ewing Sr., but earlier in this season, during their eight-game winning streak the Knicks were competitive, despite giving up a lot of points to the opposition, they managed to outscore our opponents.

This is not the stuff of championship teams. But, if that is D’Antoni’s plan of action, then the cure for that is simple: the Knicks have to become a team of great and instant offense.

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