Knicks: No Melo Remorse Here…So far!

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

It took three games to come to terms with the collateral damage of the trade for Carmelo.  The truth is we gave up a lot  to Denver for Melo, Chauncey Billups and the other guy, oh yeah, Anthony Carter.  Yeah, I know they were role players and the league is full of role players, but they were a part of the gel that got the team to–gel.  So, here we are with two solid all-stars, and overall, I have to give it up to Donnie Walsh, Mike D’antoni, and James Dolan pulling the trade off.  It was a blockbuster of a deal and should be appreciated as such.

The Knicks now have much better floor balance on both defense and offense, but the adjustment period for players to learn each other’s tendencies will require more time than this season will allow. It is interesting how D’Antoni balances the minutes played by Chauncey, Carmelo, and Amare.  D’Antoni can now have Amare on the bench and Carmelo Anthony on the floor during the start and end of quarters.  The Knicks are 4-3 since the trade and have shown improvement​s in defense, scoring droughts, and admittedly even in rebounding thanks to Jarred Jeffries. Wait! Did I just thank Jarred Jeffries??

In any case, the Knicks are not a champion contending team yet, but they are a playoff bound team that’s competing at a much higher level.  Simply put, to quote Amare Stoudemire “the Knicks are back!”  If we consider the new look Knicks and the parity that exists with the rest of the NBA teams it’s hard to deny that these Knicks are a much more dangerous team.

It should be of no surprise that this trade has given Amare more room to work within the offense; it’s almost reminiscent of the days of Patrick Ewing and his dominance with the Knicks.  The difference, of course, is that this era the Knicks have a certified all-star in Melo with room to become even greater.  With only seven games under his belt in a Knicks’ uni, Melo has notably struggled with finding his rhythm within the offense despite averaging 26ppgs.  It’s hard to complain, but if the Knicks are to improve before the playoffs it will have to start at the defensive end of the floor and ball movement with the offense.   By the end of this season, you can best believe that Carmelo’s shooting percentage will improve along with his decision making in D’Antoni’s system, for now to quote one Knick fan “we looking way better than the Miami Heat”.

For now, this team continues to be a work in progress with no where to go but up. The Garden is buzzing with high expectations and the Knicks’ players have embraced the pressure heaved upon their shoulders. From the MVP chants for Amare to Carmelo being serenaded with “Melos” the look of the new Knicks have the crowds at Madison Square Garden happy to be fans of their beloved blue and orange.


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