Mr. Clutch

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Knicks, 110 v Grizzlies, 108

The Knicks had another great performance last night as they held on to beat the Memphis Gizzles on the road. It was the 8th game since “The Trade” and the Knicks look good as they begin to piece things together game by game.

Have you noticed Dantoni is making an effort to develop the bench? With Chauncey Billups out for the fifth game, Toney Douglas has definitely stepped up his game. Tonight Douglas scored 18 points and dished out ten dimes.

I see you Doubting Thomases out there. Yes, of course, there is still more to improve upon, but you can’t deny the dynamic duo of STAT and Melo, STAT and Melo, STAT and Melo. The all stars are giving opponents problems all the way around by opening up the offensive options for the Knicks. You might have noticed that Dantoni’s system is allowing more open looks from the three point line and in the paint.

Unlike those cry babies on the Miami Heat squad, the Knicks have a well-balanced floor attack with their super stars in full swagger mode. Anthony’s first game clincher as a Knick lived up to his billing. It was amazing. It was textbook Melo as he made a last second shot to give the Knicks the lead with 0.5 seconds left in the fourth quarter.

Stoudemire scored 26 points and Carmelo had 31 points with a combined 25/46 from the field.

It was a great win overall, despite the Knicks having 6 turnovers in the fourth quarter and blowing a 12 point lead. The Knicks face an even greater test next game, in the Dallas Mavericks, as they look to push the win streak to four.


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