Knicks: Tough Schedule Takes Toll in Texas

Posted: March 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well, amigos, it was a tough loss for the Nueva York Knicks last night.   Actually, it was a tough first half, the Knicks actually won the second half, but with a lackluster performance in the first half it was too much for the team to overcome.  As I see it, the sluggish start to the game last night can easily be chalked up to an exhaustive string of games. With seven games in ten days and the third back to back game is enough to make anyone tired.  Why some fans are ready to push the panic button, I’m not sure, but I would encourage those of you who this applies, to just relax, take a deep breath, and do three wuuuusaaaaas.  Remember, the Knicks are 6-4 since the trade which ain’t bad, at all.

Finally tallies show Amare chipped in with 36 points despite the slow start.  Carmelo contributed 18 points off a 5/15 shooting night from the field, Douglas, Fields, and Shawn Williams also helped with a combined 51 points 15/28 from the field.  Schedules like this are tough on any NBA team including Los Spurs, Los Lakers and Los Celtics. 

As a fan, I will admit I had a hard time focusing on the game.  I’m not used to this many games in a short time span and normally the Knicks play around 7pm, not 10pm.  A brother needs his beauty rest, ya dig?  However, Knicks-faithful, the team will be able to rest, regroup, and bounce back over the next two days.  A refreshed Knicks squad should fare much better against the 27-37, eighth-seed Indiana Pacers.



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