The Final Push

Posted: April 10, 2011 in iHayez on the Go

Knicks, 110 v. Pacers, 109

The Knicks win their seventh game in a row over the Indiana Pacers, and with all the talk about lack of defense the Knicks are FINALLY showing that they are committed to improving on that side of the floor.

Since the seven game winning streak, the Knicks’ defense is finally coming to together getting important stops that change the tempo of the game in the Knicks favor. The chemistry is has improved dramatically even as Amare sits on the bench preparing for the start of the playoffs.

There are those that disagree with me, but Mike D’Antoni is finally doing a terrific job giving his team a chance to win with his offensive system in place and a cast of All-Star players that can execute.

This is a tough Knick team that can block shots, grab rebounds, play defense, and oh yeah let’s not forget score a ton of points. This is a potentate mixture that is creating synergy amongst this Knicks’ team, and during the playoffs that can give their opponent lots of problems in a seven game series. Simply put for all those that ask is the Knicks got the better of the Denver trade I can say now that is a indefinitely yes!

The most impressive part about this new turn of events for me is the play of Chauncey Billups. The finals MVP is showing that he hasn’t lost a step and he ability to control the tempo of the game is something the Knicks have been missing for a while.

With a Celtic loss to the Miami Heat, the Knicks are now matched up with Boston in the first round of the playoffs. Most Knick fans including this one would much rather play the Heat in the first round, and with two games left in the season the match ups are still up for grab.

The last two games of the Knicks season they will play the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday and then the Boston Celtics on Wednesday, anything can happen but one thing is certain, the Knicks are back!!!


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