Well, amigos, it was a tough loss for the Nueva York Knicks last night.   Actually, it was a tough first half, the Knicks actually won the second half, but with a lackluster performance in the first half it was too much for the team to overcome.  As I see it, the sluggish start to the game last night can easily be chalked up to an exhaustive string of games. With seven games in ten days and the third back to back game is enough to make anyone tired.  Why some fans are ready to push the panic button, I’m not sure, but I would encourage those of you who this applies, to just relax, take a deep breath, and do three wuuuusaaaaas.  Remember, the Knicks are 6-4 since the trade which ain’t bad, at all.

Finally tallies show Amare chipped in with 36 points despite the slow start.  Carmelo contributed 18 points off a 5/15 shooting night from the field, Douglas, Fields, and Shawn Williams also helped with a combined 51 points 15/28 from the field.  Schedules like this are tough on any NBA team including Los Spurs, Los Lakers and Los Celtics. 

As a fan, I will admit I had a hard time focusing on the game.  I’m not used to this many games in a short time span and normally the Knicks play around 7pm, not 10pm.  A brother needs his beauty rest, ya dig?  However, Knicks-faithful, the team will be able to rest, regroup, and bounce back over the next two days.  A refreshed Knicks squad should fare much better against the 27-37, eighth-seed Indiana Pacers.



Mr. Clutch

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Knicks, 110 v Grizzlies, 108

The Knicks had another great performance last night as they held on to beat the Memphis Gizzles on the road. It was the 8th game since “The Trade” and the Knicks look good as they begin to piece things together game by game.

Have you noticed Dantoni is making an effort to develop the bench? With Chauncey Billups out for the fifth game, Toney Douglas has definitely stepped up his game. Tonight Douglas scored 18 points and dished out ten dimes.

I see you Doubting Thomases out there. Yes, of course, there is still more to improve upon, but you can’t deny the dynamic duo of STAT and Melo, STAT and Melo, STAT and Melo. The all stars are giving opponents problems all the way around by opening up the offensive options for the Knicks. You might have noticed that Dantoni’s system is allowing more open looks from the three point line and in the paint.

Unlike those cry babies on the Miami Heat squad, the Knicks have a well-balanced floor attack with their super stars in full swagger mode. Anthony’s first game clincher as a Knick lived up to his billing. It was amazing. It was textbook Melo as he made a last second shot to give the Knicks the lead with 0.5 seconds left in the fourth quarter.

Stoudemire scored 26 points and Carmelo had 31 points with a combined 25/46 from the field.

It was a great win overall, despite the Knicks having 6 turnovers in the fourth quarter and blowing a 12 point lead. The Knicks face an even greater test next game, in the Dallas Mavericks, as they look to push the win streak to four.

JAZZ, 109 v. KNICKS, 131

The Knicks roll on with another victory over the Utah Jazz and the chemistry is coming together at a nice pace.  Carmelo Anthony had 34 points 75 percent from the field, and getting the majority of his shots in the flow of the offense.  Amare continues his dominate performance as the Knicks MVP scoring 31 points; this is the 21st time he has scored 30 plus points this season.

From the start, the Knicks took control of this game flexing their over powerful muscles on the tone deaf Jazz. The best part of the game was the New York Knicks fans chanting for Andy Rautin to come into the game, and he did with 5 minutes left in the quarter.   With tonight’s win the Knicks are now 33-29 with twenty games left in the season, overall great game tonight and its on to the next one as they go to Memphis and play the Grizzlies.


It took three games to come to terms with the collateral damage of the trade for Carmelo.  The truth is we gave up a lot  to Denver for Melo, Chauncey Billups and the other guy, oh yeah, Anthony Carter.  Yeah, I know they were role players and the league is full of role players, but they were a part of the gel that got the team to–gel.  So, here we are with two solid all-stars, and overall, I have to give it up to Donnie Walsh, Mike D’antoni, and James Dolan pulling the trade off.  It was a blockbuster of a deal and should be appreciated as such.

The Knicks now have much better floor balance on both defense and offense, but the adjustment period for players to learn each other’s tendencies will require more time than this season will allow. It is interesting how D’Antoni balances the minutes played by Chauncey, Carmelo, and Amare.  D’Antoni can now have Amare on the bench and Carmelo Anthony on the floor during the start and end of quarters.  The Knicks are 4-3 since the trade and have shown improvement​s in defense, scoring droughts, and admittedly even in rebounding thanks to Jarred Jeffries. Wait! Did I just thank Jarred Jeffries??

In any case, the Knicks are not a champion contending team yet, but they are a playoff bound team that’s competing at a much higher level.  Simply put, to quote Amare Stoudemire “the Knicks are back!”  If we consider the new look Knicks and the parity that exists with the rest of the NBA teams it’s hard to deny that these Knicks are a much more dangerous team.

It should be of no surprise that this trade has given Amare more room to work within the offense; it’s almost reminiscent of the days of Patrick Ewing and his dominance with the Knicks.  The difference, of course, is that this era the Knicks have a certified all-star in Melo with room to become even greater.  With only seven games under his belt in a Knicks’ uni, Melo has notably struggled with finding his rhythm within the offense despite averaging 26ppgs.  It’s hard to complain, but if the Knicks are to improve before the playoffs it will have to start at the defensive end of the floor and ball movement with the offense.   By the end of this season, you can best believe that Carmelo’s shooting percentage will improve along with his decision making in D’Antoni’s system, for now to quote one Knick fan “we looking way better than the Miami Heat”.

For now, this team continues to be a work in progress with no where to go but up. The Garden is buzzing with high expectations and the Knicks’ players have embraced the pressure heaved upon their shoulders. From the MVP chants for Amare to Carmelo being serenaded with “Melos” the look of the new Knicks have the crowds at Madison Square Garden happy to be fans of their beloved blue and orange.

Knicks Sign Another Local Fave

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Proving that there is no such thing as too much cross-promotion, the National Basketball Association and Marvel Entertainment LLC are collaborating on a new line of clothing, including caps, T-shirts and sweat shirts pairing the comic giant’s super heroes with NBA teams.

We only wish this was a real acquisition because heaven knows Spidey would be good for quite a few rebounds! Let’s get Donnie Walsh on that pronto!

The shirts are actually pretty cool and are available for purchase at the NBA online store.

Since the last posting, the Knicks have racked up a 6-5 record and the suds from the off-the-court soap opera starring Carmelo Anthony has kept Knicks fans on edge. While many feel the Knicks are the most likely the team to land the all-star forward.  The big question has become–when, already?

The ideal scenario for the Knicks is to hold out and acquire Anthony after this season unfortunately the CBA is why Carmelo wants this deal to happen now. Donnie Walsh is trying his best to get this deal done without mortgaging away the Knicks’ starting five. One thing is clear, Denver doesn’t want to end up like the Cleveland Cavaliers.

As the clock ticks down and the negotiations continue it seems Denver is asking for every one of the Knicks starting five except for Amare Stoudemire. To add insult in injury Denver is trying to pawn off Chauncey Billups$16 million dollar contract with two years left for Raymond Felton’s two year contract worth $7 million dollars, you do the math. In other reports the Knicks owner James Dolan seems to be stepping over Donnie Walsh’s toes to get this Carmelo deal done soon, and this leaves me wondering about Donnie Walsh’s future with the Knicks.

Donnie Walsh is essentially the architect of the Knicks rebuilding phase, from getting rid of overpaid contracts to the hiring of the Coach Mike Dantoni (you may argue amongst yourselves), and the acquiring of Amare and Felton. These were great moves and even a better set up for things to come. As one Knick fan on Facebook put it, we need to tell fans to stop chanting we want Melo and start chanting resign Donnie. I totally agree and if we are to continue to see any success it will have to be under Donnie Walsh’s reign.

Without a doubt, the Knicks will end up with three super all-stars on the team and to be this close to Carmelo Anthony is a big enough rollercoaster ride for anyone. Ultimately, my wish-list is topped off with the Knicks acquiring an all-star center and keeping Mozgov as a backup while also having a backup power forward.  The Knicks lack depth at the four and five position and that is something that not even Carmelo Anthony can fix.


The Knicks Struggles

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Since the start of the season, the Knicks have always had three problems that stick out like sore thumbs: rebounding, scoring droughts, and defense. While the addition of Melo would cure one of these ailments (scoring) it will be imperative that D’Antoni address the other two if the Knicks will continue to build on the momentum established this season. Here’s my take:

Rebounding – With the Knicks making their living off of fast break opportunities, this leaves the defense vulnerable to offensive rebounding and second chance points by the opposition. And, I mean really, really vulnerable (FIND STATS to SUPPORT)

Scoring droughts – It seems that teams have learned when playing the Knicks double team Stoudemire, contain Raymond Felton, and run all shooters off the three point line. That’s what I would do…because it’s working! Once Stoudemire is out the game, the offense struggles, bad shots follow, and turnovers and bad defense rear their ugly head.

Defense – Let’s be honest Knicks’ defense hasn’t been the same since the days of Patrick Ewing Sr., but earlier in this season, during their eight-game winning streak the Knicks were competitive, despite giving up a lot of points to the opposition, they managed to outscore our opponents.

This is not the stuff of championship teams. But, if that is D’Antoni’s plan of action, then the cure for that is simple: the Knicks have to become a team of great and instant offense.

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