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The losing streak ends at six as the Knicks finally get a must win against the fourth seed Orland Magic. While the Knicks currently sit seventh in the eastern conference with eight games left in the regular season, since the trade the Knicks are 8-12 and the panic meter for fans are at an all time high. Although I do admit that going to work after a Knick’s loss and explaining what happened to my team is frustrating, but I tell my co-workers this season is a period of adjustment for this team. So as the Knicks players and coaches make their adjustments I hope to see better effort on defense and offense as we prepare to have at least a seven game series in the first round of the playoffs no matter who the Knicks play.

It will be interesting to see which Knick players step up and make big plays. I’m sure D’Antoni will shorten his rotation during the playoffs to seven maybe eight players giving his starters more playing time. With this in mind, my top Knick players off the bench have been Toney Douglas, Shawn Williams, Anthony Carter, Shelden Williams (he could start), and Bill Walker. I do not expect to see all five players in the Knicks normal rotation, but I do feel they provide the best energy off the bench.

With the Knicks’ struggles, it is obvious to see that the up tempo style of basketball that Mike Dantoni likes to play is almost nonexistence which means more half court offense and isolations for Carmelo. While I do like Chauncey Billups, his leadership, and mental toughness, I am not sure if he is the type of point guard the Knicks need for the style of basketball D’Antoni likes to play. I know Billups will step up big time during the playoffs, but as the Knicks move forward next season it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Billups and the Knicks.

Up next for the Knicks is the New Jersey Nets with a 23-50 record and on a 3 game losing streak.



Since the last posting, the Knicks have racked up a 6-5 record and the suds from the off-the-court soap opera starring Carmelo Anthony has kept Knicks fans on edge. While many feel the Knicks are the most likely the team to land the all-star forward.  The big question has become–when, already?

The ideal scenario for the Knicks is to hold out and acquire Anthony after this season unfortunately the CBA is why Carmelo wants this deal to happen now. Donnie Walsh is trying his best to get this deal done without mortgaging away the Knicks’ starting five. One thing is clear, Denver doesn’t want to end up like the Cleveland Cavaliers.

As the clock ticks down and the negotiations continue it seems Denver is asking for every one of the Knicks starting five except for Amare Stoudemire. To add insult in injury Denver is trying to pawn off Chauncey Billups$16 million dollar contract with two years left for Raymond Felton’s two year contract worth $7 million dollars, you do the math. In other reports the Knicks owner James Dolan seems to be stepping over Donnie Walsh’s toes to get this Carmelo deal done soon, and this leaves me wondering about Donnie Walsh’s future with the Knicks.

Donnie Walsh is essentially the architect of the Knicks rebuilding phase, from getting rid of overpaid contracts to the hiring of the Coach Mike Dantoni (you may argue amongst yourselves), and the acquiring of Amare and Felton. These were great moves and even a better set up for things to come. As one Knick fan on Facebook put it, we need to tell fans to stop chanting we want Melo and start chanting resign Donnie. I totally agree and if we are to continue to see any success it will have to be under Donnie Walsh’s reign.

Without a doubt, the Knicks will end up with three super all-stars on the team and to be this close to Carmelo Anthony is a big enough rollercoaster ride for anyone. Ultimately, my wish-list is topped off with the Knicks acquiring an all-star center and keeping Mozgov as a backup while also having a backup power forward.  The Knicks lack depth at the four and five position and that is something that not even Carmelo Anthony can fix.


As the world turns in the 2010-2011 NBA season the NY Knicks are putting on a most impressive performance.   More than a quarter of the way into this NBA season and the Knicks sit fifth in the eastern conference, and as we get deeper into the season we can now focus on key match ups.  Let’s start with Raymond Felton, he is continuing to shine as a premier point guard who is making a strong bid for all-star status this season.  Felton’s ability to dictate the pace of the game with his defense and offense is propelling the Knicks past a lot of teams in the NBA.  His performance against the New Orleans Hornets’ Chris Paul is definitely worthy of praise, Felton’s 17 points and 13 assist was a nightmare for the Hornets as the Knicks held the Hornets under a hundred points as to win the game.   I am intrigued to see how Felton will match up against the likes of Tony Parker, Rajon Rondo, Deron Williams, and Russell Westbrooks (to name a few) as we delve deeper into the season, in the words of Clyde Frazier “Felton provides the impetus for his team.” 

Let’s not forget Amare’s dominance on the floor and his knack for passing out of the double team, this is totally indicative of his leadership.  Stoudemire has scored 30 plus points in the last six games showing us why he is the motor that makes this NY Knicks’ offence run and the anchor to the Knicks’ defense.  With this D’Antoni offense opening up the floor, both Amar’e and Felton are showing Knicks fan what Donnie Walsh has been trying to tell us for years–this system can and will work.  To have Kenny “the Jet” Smith make a formal apology on NBA TV to Knicks, Knicks’ fans, and NYC as a whole for saying the Knicks will not make the playoffs this year is BIG!  There will be more commentators eating their words too when the Knicks are in the playoffs and possibly moving to the second round.

As I come back to earth, the next five games for the Knicks will be tough as they play Washington, Denver, Boston, Miami, and Cleveland, and with the race for playoff positioning in full effect this will be an excellent time to see how good this Knicks team really is.